People Are Not Wearing Enough Hats (Welcome to the New Blog)

Welcome to the launch of the Spirit Transform blog!

(Please watch the above video. It is only 1:40).
With this blog, my intention is to open a new forum where people can learn and share ideas about living life in a better way.
My name is Paul Crouse, and I have an online coaching and guidance service. From my home in Kyoto, Japan, I work with smart people to help them blossom. I do this worldwide using Skype. In my one-on-one sessions, I help people find out what it is they really want to do with their lives, discover and overcome obstacles in their path, and plot a course for the future. I also teach people how to explore their inner world, the place where all the fun stuff happens.

With these blog pages, my goal is to reach a broader audience. I hope to share what I, and others, have learned about personal transformation in an accessible and practical manner. I will attempt do this with humor and humility -- neither of which are easy.

My mind is buzzing with a zillion ideas to talk about, but being that this is the Internet -- I will try to keep the posts in bite-sized chunks. My goal is to give regular people usable ideas that can help them see noticeable improvements in their lives right away.
I choose the above Monty Python video for this welcome post because it encapsulates perfectly so much about life -- about how difficult it is to see what is important, and what is not.  And how we humans become distracted by daily living that we easily lose sight of why we were born. I know that I am easily distracted by shiny objects. And I own several hats.

It also goes to show that you never really know where you are going to learn a great life lesson. It is usually not where you think you will. 

I invite you to contribute your ideas and thoughts on the comments page, or by contacting me directly -- including if you want to contribute a post. I am open to a whole range of ideas and points of view and I look forward to a vibrant discussion. It is great to learn about new things and see the world in a different way. If we don’t go outside of our comfort zones, we always are stuck in the same neighborhood.
And if you like what is presented here, please share these articles with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or by email. There are buttons at the bottom of this article. The more people we get involved, the better.
I am excited about this new journey.

Thanks for reading.

By the way, has anyone noticed that building outside of the window before.... 

Paul Crouse

Paul Crouse is a personal development consultant, writer, speaker and photographer based in Kyoto, Japan. He assists people who consciously want to change their lives for the better. He helps people build a strong inner foundation, while helping them to clarify and achieve their goals. He is a facilitator and a guide. Paul works with individuals worldwide via video calling or face-to-face in Kyoto. He also leads workshops and seminars, both online and in person, for organizations and companies.