Paul is amazing.  He truly cares about his clients and wants the best for them.  He took time and care to listen to my needs and helped my spiritual, mental and emotional growth exponentially.  He has a wonderful gift.  I would definitely recommend him to anyone!

-- Breana Clay, Centerville, Utah, USA


I started working with Paul when I wanted to feel more in control of my life and less like I was simply reacting to things as they happened.

By helping me explore and understand both the deep-seated hurts at my core and the ways they affected my day-to-day life, Paul has been able to help me help myself.

When we need to go deep, we go deep; when I simply need help coming up solutions that help me better navigate daily living, we work on practical, easy-to-apply practices.

I always appreciate Paul's honesty and sensitivity, and I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to improve their lives with wisdom, humor, and easy-to-understand (and apply) strategies and actions.

- Eric, Wisconsin, USA


Paul is a brilliant spiritual healer who is blessed with  the ability to 'read' a person in an objectively constructive way. He has been taking me on healing journeys for more than a decade now - all with very measurable positive results. By tapping into his amazing gifts, Paul is able to transcend space and time.

One thing that I know for sure is if you work with him, you can feel comfortable in the knowledge that he will -- no matter what -- have your best interests at  heart. If you are looking for someone to trust, you have found your man.

- Tyler, London, UK


Paul's insight and foresight helped me steer a path through some forlorn and dreadful terrain, where I felt lost and abandoned after an overwhelming confluence of powerful and disturbing events that had drained me of hope and the will to continue.

Paul's honesty, directness and kindness helped pull me back from a fearful edge, and point me in the right direction again.

For those of us dealing with upheavals, or overwhelming situations, or who have somehow lost our compass, he can offer the words, the encouragement and the methods to help one get back on track, and the tools to stay there. (And he will tell you: I can teach you, but the goal is that you get your independence back and can do this stuff on your own...).  

- Karen Brzezinska, Amsterdam, Netherlands


In the nearly three decades I have known Paul, he has always been a compassionate listener with profound insight into the thoughts and feelings of others - including mine. He has a rare ability to be fully present in the moment and non-judgmentally work through difficult thoughts and feelings and situations.  

With his support I have been able to explore alternatives to change stressful patterns and behaviors in my life.  Paul is a genuine healer, in the deepest sense, and my life is better for knowing him.

- K.R., Wisconsin USA


I have known Paul for a little over two years now, but even in that short time, he has managed to have a tremendous impact in my life.

He has helped me make the changes I needed to live a happier life in line with my true passions and callings. By being encouraging and nurturing, he created a safe space in which I could work out my issues. He guided me towards identifying the problems I needed to overcome in order to let go of what was holding me back from being happy.

And while I don't have it all figured out yet, his presence my life reminds me that I'm not alone, and just that is enough to keep going forward. Thank you Paul for simply being there!  

- Angela, Kyoto, Japan


I had a session with Paul when I was in the depths of despair because of the sudden death of my partner. "Why did he die so unexpectedly?" I repeatedly asked myself. "Why did he leave me in such a difficult situation?" I agonized over these questions day and night.

Paul was the person who helped me. He used his special abilities to communicate my loved one's words to me. It was a very special moment for me -- I felt as if my dearest had come down and was really there in the room with us.

Now, my questions have been answered and I am able to move forward in my life with my beloved's words in my heart. He was able to tell me his true feelings through Paul. A great weight had been lifted from me.

I really want to let people know of my experience so that others who are suffering can find peace, too.

(Translated from the original in Japanese).

- K.S., Kyoto, Japan


Like an angel with broad wings, Paul's energy is strong. We are fortunate to have Paul offering his spiritual gift and high integrity to help us. We've got another bright light that guides us along the way.

-Y.T., Kyoto, Japan


I cannot really express my gratitude at having Paul come into my life as a counselor, healer- and now a friend for life. He has seen me through some of the toughest periods of my life, across different continents and circumstances- always with hands-on practical advise as well as healing sessions that include Reiki techniques, Shiatsu massage and visualizations.

Even as a “non-believer” in the spirit world, I have been helped by Paul on a journey of self-healing and emotional self-management when traditional medicine (long term cortisone use, etc.) only added to my problems.

When I met Paul I was suffering from severe allergies to almost everything around me, and plagued by constant illnesses caused by an over-sensitive immune system. I was in constant fear of an allergic reaction that could strike at any time, and going crazy with itching and a whole range of other symptoms.

Paul has not only helped me to cope and overcome my illnesses on an everyday level, but he has give me the confidence to shape my own world in a way that suits my temperament and needs so that I can not only survive, but flourish.

I have been able to identify and change deep-rooted patterns of behavior and emotional reactions to given situations. I have now managed to heal negative relationships with my family, avoid stress and not let it effect me with it when it does inevitably come.

I have a different outlook on life that has enabled be to be happily self-employed, working with great people, and thriving in a loving, healthy relationship with children. Something I never imagined possible all those years ago. In short, I live a more joyful everyday existence, whilst being at ease being myself and my surroundings.

So easy to say in a few words, but so hard to really do: Paul can help you start looking after yourself. He has “been there” and back, and knows the way. And he will help you with a generous and gentle heart, a broad smile and glint in the eye.”

-Kimberley, Stockholm, Sweden