Twelve Reasons to be Kind

Photo by Paul Crouse

The following comes from the book “Lessons from the Light” by Sandra Rogers. In this book, Ms. Rogers describes what she learned during a near death experience while attempting suicide.

After shooting herself in the chest, Ms. Rogers found herself in a the presence of a brilliant light. While in this light, she saw a review of her life and understood her suicide attempt. She also had access to unlimited knowledge and was surrounded by an immense feeling of love.  She was given a choice to whether or not to return to her life.

This short book, which you can read in one sitting, is easily one of the best things I have ever read. It very simply and clear describes life and how to live.  All you ever really need to know about you, your life and your soul is within these pages.

Go find it in your local library or at a bookstore. (Make sure to get the one written by Sandra Rogers. Other authors have used the same title).

Here is a short excerpt:

On Kindness.

  • Show kindness without expecting anything in return and you will be rewarded tenfold.
  • Kindness is a selfless act of love. Kindness yields friends.
  • A simple act of kindness, like a ripple on a pond, radiate from the giver throughout eternity.
  • React to the faults of others as kindly as you do with your own faults.
  • If practice make perfect, why not practice being good?
  • Go where you can do good, and you will find that you don’t have to travel far.
  • Practice kindness by acting as if the motive of behavior is known to all.
  • When you radiate feelings of sympathy, empathy, and goodwill, you open yourself to receive the fullness of God’s love.
  • When you treat “enemies” with forgiveness, understanding, friendliness, humility, and love, eventually the time will come when they will open up and no longer reject your offer of kindness.
  • See your “enemy” as your equal who is temporarily blinded by misunderstanding.
  • A smile can be the light that ends the spirit of sadness. (1)

I will also share a great quote from Wayne Dyer on this subject:

"You always have a choice: You can be right or you can be kind."

(1) From “Lessons from the Light: Insights from a Journey to the Other Side;” pg 39-40. By Sandra Rogers. © 1995. Used here under the doctrine of fair use.

Paul Crouse

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