How to Do the Diamond Heart Meditation

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”  — Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Today, I would like to teach you a very simple and powerful meditation you can do to empower yourself. It is called the Diamond Heart Meditation. With this meditation, you will consciously share the love in your heart with everyone and everything. 

This is a very powerful meditation that can change your life. It will show you that you have an unlimited power source from within yourself. By sharing this love energy, your vibes will be tuned higher and your energy will shift. You will become brighter and your darkness will melt away. 

And, there is the added benefit of sharing your good vibes with the rest of the world, which will counteract the bad vibes out there.

Firstly, please sit upright in a comfortable position. Then, silently state the intention that you will share the love from your heart with everyone and everything. 

 The light of unconditional love shines out from the diamond in your heart. 

The light of unconditional love shines out from the diamond in your heart. 

Now, close your eyes, and breathe consciously. 

Move your attention to your heart. Imagine a magnificent diamond in the center of your heart. 

Radiating outward from this diamond is the powerful — yet gentle — brilliant, white light of unconditional love. This shines outward as a ball of light expanding from your chest and filling the space around you.  Everything benefits from this light. 

You can fill the room you are in with this light, or your city, or your country or the entire world. Just follow your intuition. 

This is unconditional love. This means that you give this love freely to everyone and everything. No matter who they are or what they have done. This does not mean that you give approval to any actions of any person. It simply means you are sharing love. 

As Dr. King said: You can only drive out the darkness with light. You can only drive out hate with love. 

You will sit quietly in this meditative state for a few minutes. Feel the light radiating outward from your heart. Breathe consciously.

When you have finished, bring your attention back to your body. State to yourself that you finished the meditation. And then open your eyes. 

If you feel a bit spacey, take a few deep breaths and move your body around. Tell yourself aloud that you are fully in your body and fully in the present. And that is it. 

I usually do this for about five minutes, but even one minute can make a difference. I often do this along with my regular daily meditation. I also do it by itself while I am on the train or before I speak to a room full of people or the like. 

Some of you will  have difficulties with visualizations. Don’t worry about it. Just fake it until you make it and keep trying. It will get easier. 

Try doing this for thirty days and you will see a change within yourself and within your life. You will a bright beacon radiating love. As the light shines outward from you, not only will you benefit, but so will others around you. 

Like exercising, the more you do it, the stronger you get. 

If you found this to be helpful, please share it with friends. There are social media links below. The more people doing this meditation, the better.  

Thank you. 


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