Listen to Paul Crouse Radio Show #17 - "What the Bleep is Zen?"

 Rev. Taka Kawakami

Rev. Taka Kawakami

Zen is not a brand. It is a Buddhist religion and the word literally means “seated meditation.”

Listen in to this interesting and lighthearted interview with Rev. Takafumi Kawakami of Shunkoin Zen Buddhist Temple in Kyoto, Japan. 

Paul and Taka talk about the common misconceptions about Zen and Buddhism in the West, as well as about meditation, mindfulness, living life better and Captain Kirk. 

And -- no -- there is really is no such thing as Zen massage, Zen yoga or Zen hamburgers. That is just marketing silliness.

You can see the Shunkoin Temple website and contact Rev. Taka by email:

You can see his TEDxKyoto talk on mindfulness on YouTube and his Mindfulness Story video on Vimeo.

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