Learn about your inner self and your place in the world. Harness insight for new awareness. From new perspectives come new opportunities.


Acquire new inner tools to help you let go of the past and master the present. Free yourself from limiting beliefs and old habits.


Having learned about yourself and having let go of the past with your new tools, you can move forward empowered, grounded and confident.

Personal Coaching 

Paul Crouse offers personal coaching services. Paul helps clients worldwide via Skype, or face-to-face in Kyoto, Japan.

Paul is a native English speaker who has studied a broad array of guidance practices and has extensive experience working with international clients.

For more than a decade, Paul has helped his clients to look inward to uncover the core of their problems and to find a new balance of mind, body and spirit.  

Everyone has the potential to live a happy, successful and fulfilling life. Paul can support you on your path by teaching you awareness and skills, and acting as a guide.

Take the first step and book a free initial consultation to get started.

Paul Crouse