A Few Words to Start Your Day Right

Photo by Paul Crouse

Affirmations are positive statements to help you overcome your conditioned thinking. Your mind has been trained like Pavlov’s dogs. Affirmations refocus your attention on what you want to create in your life. They are another tool to break your "stinkin’ thinkin’."

As I have said earlier: The chi flows where the mind goes. This means that where you focus your thoughts is where you focus your energy. And where you focus your energy is what you create in your life.

By speaking aloud short, affirmative statements first thing in the morning, you point yourself in a the right direction for the day. Your mind wants to default back to your bad habits automatically. This is a very simple way to help you stay on course. It only takes a few moments.

Also, by speaking these affirmations, you send out the right vibes which will come back to you.

Here is an affirmation I use daily. It is in the form of a prayer. I got it from David Byrne’s movie “True Stories”. You never know where you will find gems.

I am going to take charge of my life today and every day.
All things work together for the good for me today.
This is a new and wonderful day for me. There will never be one like this one.
I am divinely guided all day long and whatever I do, I will prosper.
Divine Love: inform me, surround me and enwrap me, and I will go forth in peace.
I am going to be a wonderful success in all of my undertakings today.
And I am going to be happy from now on.”

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Your life is what you make it. But you have to make it.

Paul Crouse

Paul Crouse is a spiritual teacher and advisor, life coach, writer, speaker and photographer based in Kyoto, Japan. He helps people who consciously want to change their lives for the better. He helps people build a strong inner foundation, while helping them to clarify and achieve their goals. He works with people worldwide via video calling or face-to-face in Kyoto. He also leads workshops and seminars, both online and in person, for organizations and companies.