Listen to the Paul Crouse Radio Show #13 - "Mystic 101: The Basics of a Magical Life"

 Denise Iwaniw

Denise Iwaniw

Life isn’t rational. It is magical. The question is: What kind of magic are you using?

This month, Paul talks with Star Nations co-founder Denise Iwaniw about her clairvoyant gifts, the gifts everyone has, and how to live a more magical life. 

"Everyone can connect with spirit and use their own gifts, " says Denise. "To start out, simply take some time to be quiet and be open to what is around you and inside of you."

Denise is the Real McCoy who knows her stuff. She is acknowledged by the Catholic Church as a seer, as well as being a Pipe Carrier (holy person) in the Lakota Nation. She talks having her gifts since childhood, and her spiritual journey.

Paul and Denise have known each other more the 25 years, and Paul considers Denise to be one of his teachers. 

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