Listen to the Paul Crouse Radio Show #23 - "Funk Soul Tomodachi (Friends)

Angela Moreno

Sometimes the Universe guides you to meeting the right people.

This month, Paul talks with his good friend, Venezuelan comic artist and funk soul sister Angela Moreno. They’ll talk about how they met each other in Kyoto and how their common interest in the spiritual arts led to a deep friendship. 

Conversation topics included:  manga & anime, Gong Show-like job interviews, getting rid of ghosts, personal psychic abilities and how astrology readings can actually be useful.

Don’t miss this interesting conversation.

You can see Angela's artwork and contact her for astrology readings at

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Paul Crouse

Paul Crouse is a spiritual teacher and advisor, life coach, writer, speaker and photographer based in Kyoto, Japan. He helps people who consciously want to change their lives for the better. He helps people build a strong inner foundation, while helping them to clarify and achieve their goals. He works with people worldwide via video calling or face-to-face in Kyoto. He also leads workshops and seminars, both online and in person, for organizations and companies.