Listen to the Paul Crouse Radio Show #15 - "One Small Shift to Transform Your Life"

Kevin Akash Olver

Kevin Akash Olver

Aligning with our inner nature can transform our lives.

With many years of experience blending psychology and spirituality, Kevin Akash Olver shares with Paul the simple and practical ways for living better during this rebroadcast. 

Kevin is a teacher of personal growth and meditation in England. He has a gift for clear seeing and is known for his warm, peaceful nature and inspiring approach.

"Kevin has been a powerful influence in my life," says Paul

Over the years, Kevin has worn many hats, including as a psychologist, hypnotherapist, healer, coach and consultant. He now enjoys being mostly hatless!

This wide ranging discussion touched upon empowerment, and how to bring greater awareness, love, strength, peace, joy and freedom into our lives.

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