Actively Challenge Your Comfort Zones

 Russell Trott: Lord King of the Burpees & tea drinker

Russell Trott: Lord King of the Burpees & tea drinker

Challenge yourself to do things that you would not normally do to break your pattern of living on autopilot — and lessen the probability that you will become a grumpy old person.

Once a week, you should do something that gets you out of your comfort zone. Something that makes you feel uncomfortable, like sleeping on the other side of the bed or not drinking coffee for 24 hours.

Once a month, you should do something even more uncomfortable, like eating raw octopus or not using your mobile phone for an entire day.

And once a year, you should do something very, very uncomfortable — like listening to entire Justin Bieber CD or skydiving -- if you are afraid of heights.

This is a great way to break our habitual, conditioned thinking patterns, as well as open us up to greater variety of life experiences.

Have a listen to Russell Trott discuss this idea with Paul Crouse in the audio file below. (4.5 mins)

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