Listen to the Paul Crouse Radio Show #010 -- "Know Yourself"

With guest Lisa Wellington of Ft. Collins, Colorado

If you don’t know yourself, your values and what you really want, it is difficult to live life to the fullest. Many people don't know what they want and are miserable.

International businessperson and cool mom Lisa Wellington tells us about her experiences, and then walks us through a values exercise to help us be clear about ourselves and our lives.

 Lisa Wellington

Lisa Wellington

Lisa's recipe for success

  • Know Yourself
  • Know What You Want
  • Ask for It and Work for It
  • Take Time to Celebrate
  • Repeat

LIsa made her own materials for the values exercise, but you can find similar materials by googling Values Sort Exercise. I found downloadable, printable cards here, and a one page version here. There are many others.

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